Bespoke tours

We understand that everyone is different and that
our curated tours may not suit you.
That is why Kasu Tours is now inviting tour commissions: hand made itineraries that include the places you want to go and the experiences you would like to have.

India is a fascinating mix of cultures with 645 distinct tribal groups, 22 languages and many regional cuisines and festivals.
It is a country of varied landscapes, of ancient wisdom and religions, of modern commerce and industry, and a complicated history which can be read through the myriad archaeological sites, prehistoric cave art and important 20th century architecture as well as the back lanes and markets of the cities.
India is a country of villages – about  650,000 of them – where traditional life is lived, old crafts practiced, ancient agricultural systems observed, all of which co-exist with contemporary conveniences.
It is a place where animals roam in wild places and accessible safari parks, in cities and in temples.
India is a place of many, many festivals.
It is a place where you can travel like a pauper or royalty, staying in backpackers’ hostels or painted havelis, village bhungas or glittering palaces.

With so many choices, how do you choose where to go, what to see?

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With years of on-the-ground research, community connections and ethical guidelines for travelling in India, Kasu can work with you to co-design a tour of the less visited, niche, secret India.  (And the Taj Mahal too if it’s a must-see for you).

What will your personal tour of India look like?
We can design something to suit most requests.

What is your special interest? 

  • Do you want to find the perfect place for a special occasion or celebration?
  • Are you a twitcher, a craft enthusiast, an archaeology fanatic?
  • Do you want to learn to cook Indian food from the experts?
  • Are you interested in fair trade, development, farming?
  • Do you want to search for wild animals in India’s amazing wildlife parks?
  • Would you like to live like royalty in luxurious palaces and havelis or mix with villagers in comfortable home-stays?

How do you like to travel?
Do you prefer just to travel by yourself, with a partner, your whole family or even a wedding group?
Our regular tours take a maximum of six people, but for your bespoke tour, we can accommodate more or less people: it’s your choice.

For comfort and safety, we visit India in the cooler months from November to February.
Your Australian guide will meet you in India and accompany you every step of your bespoke tour, and if needed, trusted local guides will help you see the best of your destinations.

Come explore India the way you want to!
Contact Kasu now to discuss your bespoke tour.

Bespoke tours require a minimum of six months development.
Expressions of interest for late 2021 or early 2022 tours are due by late May 2021 .
A non-refundable deposit of AU$1500 is required to start planning your bespoke tour, and will be deducted from your final payment.

We can only take a few tours each season, so make contact as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!