The pride of India: a miraculous recovery

“One hundred years ago there were only 20 lions left in Asia. Now, thanks to the efforts of an eccentric nobleman, local villagers, politicians and London Zoo, all that has changed.”
“…here they are making a miraculous recovery from near extinction.”

wrote Martin Fletcher in his article for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend Magazine on April 9, 2016

Photo credit: Alamy

Photo credit: Alamy

Fletcher’s article was written after his visit to Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, a 1400-square-kilometre haven of peace and beauty in a remote corner of south-western Gujarat, India.  The Kasu Tours will visit this park on its next tour to India –  the Cloth and Stone Tour.

More from Fletcher’s article to whet your appetite:
“We passed through deciduous forest carpeted in the crisp, plate-sized leaves of teak trees – a landscape of pale browns and yellows stretched out beneath the brilliant-blue sky of an Indian winter. We saw herds of spotted deer grazing on the parched grass, langur monkeys cavorting in the dappled sunlight, and sambar and nilgai (huge antelope also known as blue bulls). We spotted flocks of green parakeets and strutting peacocks. Then we found what we had come to see. Lying beside a watering hole, dozing in the gentle afternoon warmth, was a pride of lions: two lionesses and five offspring.”  (Read the full article here >>>)

Interested?  Check out the full itinerary for our tour which includes luxury camping and a jeep safari at Gir National Park amongst other great adventures.  And make sure to read about our generous discounts for the tour!

Photo credit: Alamy

Photo credit: Alamy

“Asiatic lions once roamed across the Middle East and northern India, from the Mediterranean to the Bay of Bengal. By the early 20th century they had been hunted so intensively that scarcely 20 remained – all in this forest. Today there are more than 520.”

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