Some links to my other websites:

KASU EMPORIUM  – an online department store featuring an eclectic mix of handmade, one-off objects found on travels and by local artists and makers. Each object holds its own story.  Many of the products we stock come from ethical and fair trade sources: self-help cooperatives, women’s groups and charitable organisations dedicated to livelihood development for those living in poverty. 10% of every purchase is donated to charity.

This blog tells the stories behind KASU EMPORIUM,
As you click through the pages, you will find stories and photos of the makers and their work, how and where we travelled to find our stock, the makers’ statements, the organisations we support and reports of donations delivered. We travel to mountains, villages, city slums and crowded bazaars by trains, rickshaws, rickety buses and planes to find the stock we want, so there are lots of stories to tell.

MISSIVES FROM THE SUBCONTINENT – letters home from a traveller in India.
This collection of missives is distilled from the many words written from the road to family and friends, bashed out in cybershops across the country on keyboards of varying quality and levels of dustiness and from handwritten notes.  Other words are taken directly from the thin paged village school exercise books I use as travel diaries.  Not a minute by minute record, nor very scholarly and only roughly chronological, these words were written in response to an overwhelming need to record and share large and small moments as I wander about the subcontinent.

Happy reading!