Sanskriti Kendra Museums

The Sanskriti Kendra Museums are housed within Sanskriti Kendra, an artist village complex, spread over eight acres, 10 km south of New Delhi.

The purpose of Sanskriti Foundation is to cultivate an environment for the preservation and development of the artistic and cultural expressions of India and of the world as a whole.

Established in 1978, Sanskriti Foundation is a registered Public Charitable Trust based in New Delhi, India. Sanskriti perceives its role as that of a catalyst, in revitalising cultural sensitivity in contemporary times.

The museums:

  • The Museum of Indian Terracotta has over 1,500 objects of terracotta art, sculptures and figurines from the tribal areas of India, displayed in the backdrop of the respective tribal arts.
  • The Museum of Everyday Art houses a collection of what is called “Everyday Arts”, where artisans turn the functional everyday household object like toys, nutcrackers, cups, saucers, spoons, home shrines and articles of worship into works of art.
  • The Textile Museum is a showcase of the best and the most diverse of Indian textile heritage.
The Sansriki Museum of Everyday Art , Delhi

The Sansriki Museum of Everyday Art , Delhi


Photo credits Sanskiti Foundation


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