A new(ish) word

According to the Collins English Dictionary, the word glamping (noun) came into existence about 2000 – 2005, and means “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.”

We’re glad the word came into existence as it perfectly describes our accommodation at two of our destinations on The Cloth & Stone Tour to Gujarat.

Our accommodation at Gir National Park (where we take a jeep safari to see if we catch a sighting of the Asiatic Lion and other rare species), is well equipped luxury tents set in over 4 acres of land surrounded with a lush green mango orchard.

The final two nights of our tour will be at one of India’s best-kept secrets: the deluxe camp at Mandvi Beach, a part of the private beach estate of the Maharaos.  The tents are hand crafted, and each has its own verandah, spacious air-conditioned bedroom, hand carved furniture,  attached bathroom and decorated in the colonial-period camps of erstwhile royalty.


Apart from our planned activities (see itinerary), there are other options: nature walks and bird watching in the palace estate, beach volleyball, massage, camel rides or a lakeside picnic.

What’s not to love about glamping in India?
Coming with us?  Get your deposit in before end of September 2016 for the early bird discount, or claim some of the other discounts available here >>>



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