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IMG_9541My name is Beverley Bloxham and I live in regional Victoria, Australia. I first visited India in 2008 and instantly fell in love with the place and her people.  Since then, I have been back regularly, staying for six months in 2012/2013.

The main reason I keep going back  to India is that I find it a fascinating country of many cultures, languages, traditions and geography…. and I find the people very welcoming. There are always more adventures to have and people to meet!

India, through its many social and economic problems has made me appreciate the blessed life we lead in Australia. This had led me to become involved with NGOs working to alleviate poverty, improve employment opportunities for women and the education of children in remote areas,

I also have a passion for beautiful textiles and India is THE place to indulge that passion. It has a fascinating history of handmade textiles in many techniques and it was through this interest that I decided to create an online shop, KASU EMPORIUM, to sell some of the finest work I can find. I am particularly interested in fair trade goods, and this has led me on many happy jaunts to mountains, villages, city slums and crowded bazaars by trains, rickshaws, rickety buses and planes to find the stock. It is through KASU EMPORIUM that I am able to continue supporting charities I am involved with in India, and now a percentage of all profits at KASU TOURS also goes to support people in need.

Another great interest I have is archaeology and am fascinated with the ancient monuments and ruins to be found and explored in India.

I have always preferred to travel solo, finding it easier to meet locals and wander off on adventures along the way.  But I realise that is not for everyone, especially in India. Many people have asked me to create guided tours so they can enjoy India as much as I do. That is why I have created KASU TOURSThrough careful attention to the daily details, choosing quality accommodation, local guides and fascinating experiences, I can make your Indian adventure safe, enjoyable and memorable.

What makes Kasu Tours different?
Our main point of difference is that we take a maximum of 6 guests.

  • We find that by keeping numbers small, we bond better as a group, becoming friends very quickly;
  • Low numbers allows us to stay in boutique hotels, family residences and havelis that can not accommodate larger groups;
  • Small numbers allow closer encounters with the people of India;
  • Each person in a small group gets more one-on-one attention from guides and in workshops;
  • We travel in our own private 12 seater bus so there is plenty of room for everyone, and their luggage. And their shopping.  And boxes of food for picnics, and the cooler full of water;
  • Everyone gets a window seat;
  • Having our own private vehicle also means that there is no waiting around at airports, railway stations and bus terminals: more quality experiences every day;
  • It also means we are more flexible if we want to make a detour or unscheduled stops.
  • We also like to get off the  well-worn beaten tracks to see places not many tourists get to see.

Why not come with me and have some amazing experiences!
Read what some of our guests thought of their tour >>>





9 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve just had a look at the site today and think it looks wonderful and very well presented. I’ll follow it with interest.


  2. Dear Beverley, we heard about your possible India tour through Margot Ryan and having read through this would like to express an interest in joining you subject to timing and cost. We are a retired, fit and active couple who enjoy ‘off the beaten track’ touring. We look forward to hearing more.
    Trish and David Graham .


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