Chand Baori

Chand Baori, which is considered among the most beautiful step wells of India is in the village of Abhaneri, about 95 km from Jaipur. The largest and deepest step well in the world, Chand Baori was constructed in the 9th Century by Raja Chand to try to solve the problem of water shortages in the arid Rajasthani area.

Chand Baori

Chand Baori

Locals reportedly had to dig up to 30 meters to find water before the well was built, and the design and final structure of Chand Baori was intended to conserve as much water as possible. At the bottom of the well, the air remains 5-6 degrees cooler than at the surface, and Chand Baori was used as a community gathering place for locals during periods of intense heat. One side of the well has a pavilion and resting room for the royals. The step well was dedicated to Hashat Mata, Goddess of Joy and Happiness upon completion.

Chand Baori

Chand Baori

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