Heading south

Heading south from Ahmedabad for more adventures, our first stop was the Indus Valley Civilisation (aka Harappan civilisation) ruined city of Lothal.
Thought to be about 4500 years old, the site is protected by the Archaeolgical Survey of India. Adjacent to the ruins is a modest museum housing artefacts found at the site.
It costs R5/- (about AU$0.10) to gain access to the museum, but nothing to wander about the ancient city.

Drainage system at Lothal

Catherine and Jane inspecting the ancient harbour built from bricks.

The bead kiln

The Harappans were the first to formalise brick dimensions as well as firing them to high temperatures, making it possible to create straight walls and long lasting structures.

The museum has a wonderful collection of artefactsincluding toys, beads made from clay, stone and shell, pottery, a double burial and tools.

Toy oxen cart

Painted pottery shard

Clay toy figure

Beads made from semi-precious stones

Various terra cotta pots

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