Our recent CLOTH and STONE TOUR to Gujarat was a huge success and my guests had a great time. Here are some of the things they say about Kasu Tours:

For nearly three weeks in January, I travelled within Gujarat, India with our tour guide, Beverley Bloxham and four other guests.
The tour was named The Cloth and Stone Tour and it well and truly lived up to its name. Every day was filled with fascinating activities and local guides were employed to ensure we gained the greatest insights to the places we visited.
For me, the most heart-warming and memorable times were those in dusty, humble and relatively remote villages where the the standard of weaving, tie dying, wood carving and lacquer work had to be seen to be believed. How special to be able to purchase directly from the artisans.
Through Beverley’s research and previous trips to India, we were able to visit Dr Vasa who showed us his precious private collection of Indus Valley civilisation artefacts – some as old as 4500 years old, and in an extraordinary contrast to the small village experience, to visit Asif Sheikh who is world renowned for his embroidery and who showed us his latest collection, destined for the international catwalk.
I would highly recommend a tour to India with Beverley.”

“You have provided us all  with great experiences and memories which I shall keep forever.”
Margot Ryan. Victoria

“Thank you for what has been a great trip, full of wonderful experiences, surprises, colour and chaos and so much more. It’s been like travelling with a group of girlfriends.”

“What a fabulous trip – Jill and I are still talking about it.  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, insights and stories and your introductions to such a vast range of artisans. Truly an enriching experience.
When’s the next tour?”
Pauline Cosgrove. NSW

“The trip has exceeded all my expectations.  I hope many more people experience your stimulating itinerary in the future.”
Sue Nunn. Victoria

“What a wonderful Gujarat experience you created for us. I have enjoyed every moment.
Thank you for opening my eyes to India.”
Carole. NSW

“What an amazing experience… or should I say – experiences! I have loved every minute of this amazing tour.  Meeting the artisans, doing a hands-on workshop, experiencing Ahmedabad traffic! And of course, experiencing the beautiful people of Gujarat. And so much more, including a bunch of new friends who provided such wonderful tour mates.  Well done Beverley.”
Jill Anderson. NSW


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