I don’t like heat and crowds.

Many people comment to me that they don’t want to visit India because of the heat and the crowds.  Let me explain: I don’t like heat and crowds either.

That’s why I plan Kasu Tours for the northern Winter when the days are cool to mild – like our Spring.  For example, the average daily temperature for Rajasthan in January is 8 to 23 degrees Celsius and for Gujarat,  12 to 28 degrees.  In both places, the early mornings and nights can be quite cold.

I especially dislike being in a crowd of tourists competing to see an attraction. And although it can be stimulating to experience an Indian city for a few days, we soon get out of town to regional areas, small towns and villages where we are often the only vehicle on the road, or the only tourists in town.

Here are some of the roads we travel and places we visit:


4 thoughts on “I don’t like heat and crowds.

    • Thanks Deb. It’s funny how so many of us think India is always hot and crowded everywhere. Hopefully I can help people understand that it is a great place to visit if you go at the right time and to avoid the overly crowded places


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